Yoshi’s Crafted World review – at long last, a worthy successor to Yoshi’s Island


Yoshi’s Crafted World review – at long last, a worthy successor to Yoshi’s Island

The key word here, really, is craft. It’s there, first of all, in the aesthetics of this, Good-Feel’s second outing with Yoshi (or third if you want to be really picky and include the 3DS offshoot with Poochy). This a world of lollipop sticks and sticky-back plastic, where discarded cereal boxes stand in for rolling mountains and cardboard clouds are suspended on lengths of string; a world where Shy Guys blow into straws to keep ping pong balls afloat so that you can skip along them to your goal.

It’s there, embedded a little deeper, in what’s a meticulously engineered side-scrolling platformer – perhaps the best to have come from Nintendo since 2012’s Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It’s certainly Good-Feel’s finest creation yet, a world away from the slightly stale Yoshi’s Wooly World, a game that ended up feeling as stuffy and insubstantial as a dusty cotton ball. Crafted World, meanwhile, feels fresh and full of ideas, its levels happily rifling through quick sketches and one-shot concepts before it moves briskly onto the next.

Yoshi’s Crafted World’s best trick is getting to the essence of what made the original Yoshi’s Island so beloved. Somewhat incredibly, it feels like the first Yoshi game in nearly a quarter of a decade and over five follow-ups that really understands what made the original sing, and it’s then bold enough to place its own spin. Yoshi’s Island was always a brilliantly tangible, physical game, brought alive by its tactile surfaces – the chalklines, the paper and the clay – and this time out Good-Feel have simply taken to another corner of the stationary cupboard, pulling out cardboard, string and fizzy pop straws to create its own colourful dioramas.

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