Xbox One Download and Update Issues Affecting Australians (Day 5)


Xbox One Download and Update Issues Affecting Australians (Day 5)

Last week a number of Xbox One owners in Australia were unable to update, install, and in some cases load games due to issues with Xbox servers. Which, affected me personally (on two separate consoles) when I was unable to update several games across several days. The good news is that it seems the situation is improving, but isn’t quite there yet.

Because even though my Xbox One X managed to download upwards of 50GB or more on Sunday, trying to install a new game from the Ready To Install list runs into the same issue.

After sending a message over the weekend Xbox Australia finally responded to a query on Facebook noting that as of today, “Our team is currently working to resolve issues with servers and updates. Hopefully we will see some progression soon!” and that “For all server and tech issues, the team get to work on fixing it straight away and do their best to get things up and running asap”.

From Wednesday last week it took until Sunday morning to finish updating and install both Sea of Thieves and Overwatch. Which is hardly ASAP. The good news is that when updates are progressing they are doing so at full speeds for most people.

But still, can stop or hang for hours at a time.

During this period users have been relying on each other’s feedback and input across sites like Reddit and Whirlpool – as Microsoft simply chose to respond with no indication as to it being widespread or geographic. That came days later.

Over the weekend both the Xbox Support and Xbox Australia social media accounts were contacted by frustrated gamers trying to get confirmation that it wasn’t an issue on their end. To their credit, acknowledgement finally came in the form of ownership of the issue.

As of now the Xbox Live status page has been updated to reflect the problems. Again, it took several days to get to this point. With many people out there left unable to play the game of their choice for 5 full days. Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Xbox Game Pass subscribers. In an ecosystem that when online issues like this persist you’re unable to load any application or game as downloads and updates fail to authenticate or communicate with servers.

This is all astounding when you factor in just how reliable the Xbox Live service usually is. And has been for years. One has to wonder if it’s a case of a handful of Australians not warranting a full and proper investigation? At the very least those affected are owed some form of compensation for a loss of service at this magnitude.

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