Wild West Online review – western MMO tragically wastes its potential


Wild West Online review – western MMO tragically wastes its potential

You’d think that a few more hours out in the wilds – trotting through the scrub, listening to the world as dusk spills across the sky – would be enough to take the edge off those rough first impressions of Wild West Online. The sad truth, however, is that the more time you spend galavanting around in this world, the easier it is to spot its flaws, and the harder it is to overlook them. For all its bluster and promise, Wild West Online is a desperately hollow, cheap experience, and wholly unworthy of those three little letters: MMO.

Having pulled back on its promise of a PvE experience, the Steam store description of Wild West Online does, in fairness, now tout this as a PvP adventure, insisting it “isn’t a story-driven MMO with deep narrative and AI opponents to solo-grind” but rather a “PVP action MMO game where you duke it out with other players in a persistent PVP combat world.”

That said, it’s important to remember that this is now considered a full release, entirely out of Early Access. And that’s what makes all the rough-edges – the placeholder text, the imperfect graphics, the shallow gameplay, the glitches and crashes – all the more difficult to endure. Add on to that the game’s incessant demands that you shell out more money to unlock some pretty fundamental features, and everything starts to feel more than a little unpleasant.

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