This Duke Nukem 3D Fan Remake is Impressive


This Duke Nukem 3D Fan Remake is Impressive

Called Serious Duke 3D it offers up a full remake of the first episode of the classic 1990s shooter Duke Nukem 3D, as a free downloadable mod for Serious Sam 3. Featuring familiar and expanded levels in addition to new stuff and what look like reworked models from Duke Nukem Forever it’s impressive – to say the least.

Check it out.

Interestingly, as highlighted in the footage, it’s also playable in VR – but Serious Sam 3 VR is required to get that going. Offering up the entire first episode playable from start to finish, this is an impressive total-conversion mod that offers up a more modern look and feel to classic Duke. And based on the trailer, looks to be a lot more fun than Duke Nukem Forever.

Serious Duke 3D is available via the Steam Workshop.

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