Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060: Ray tracing comes to the mainstream


Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060: Ray tracing comes to the mainstream

We knew this one was coming, but the form it would take has been a hot topic in hardware circles. Some rumours suggested that Nvidia’s successor to the massively successful GTX 1060 wouldn’t have ray tracing features at all, while support for other Turing architecture technologies was also in doubt. Happily, the reality turns out to be very different indeed – RTX 2060 is a full-blooded Turing product, with all of the RTX features enabled. The question is really how viable the new card is for ray tracing when the hardware is inevitably pared back, and of course, how fast it is for non-RTX tasks.

On the latter point, Nvidia is bullish in its reviewer’s guide, suggesting that the RTX 2060 wipes the floor with the (much cheaper) GTX 1060, while significantly outperforming GTX 1070 and bringing the fight to GTX 1070 Ti and even GTX 1080. If those numbers pan out in our own tests (spoilers: they do) then by extension we’re also looking at a challenge facing AMD, bearing in mind the performance profile of its Vega products, not to mention the RTX 2060’s £330/€369/$350 price-point, which undercuts both Vega products.

In terms of the basics surrounding the RTX 2060 set-up, what we’re effectively looking at here is a significantly pared back rendition of the existing …

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