Moss review – PlayStation VR’s finest game to date


Moss review – PlayStation VR’s finest game to date

Set in an enchanting, storybook world, Moss is an interactive fairytale of grand adventure, bravery and friendship. Now, that might sound like the blurb from every fantasy game you’ve ever played, but Moss is different. This is a game that oozes charm from its every pore, and from the very first moment that you’re introduced to protagonist Quill, a tiny mouse with a big personality, you can tell that you’re about to play something very, very special indeed.

Unlike most VR games that are played from the third-person perspective, in Moss you’re much more than just a passive bystander or an intelligent camera on a swivel. Casting you as ‘The Reader’ a ghostly figure that looks not unlike No-Face from Spirited Away, Moss uses VR to place you inside the game in a truly unique way. You and Quill are a team, and as the game progresses your interactions with each other in VR will help you form a type of bond that’s just not possible in conventional video games.

As the Reader, you not only control Quill’s movements as she runs, jumps and fights her way around the world, but you’re also able to use motion controls to interact with certain parts of the scenery. By tracking the light bar on your DualShock controller, Moss allows you to reach into the levels and pull, push and prod at things. Represented in game by a glowing ball of energy, the ‘power of the Reader’ reacts with moveable objects and causes them to glow. These moveable objects often form the basis for basic platforming puzzles, most of which revolve around repositioning blocks or statues in order to create a route for Quill to navigate through each scene.

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