Microsoft Offers Gaming Parents a Screen-Time Toggle


Microsoft Offers Gaming Parents a Screen-Time Toggle

And as a parent, I welcome the idea. Microsoft has all but washed its hands of responsibility for kids “playing too many games” by handing over the keys to screen time to parents, by way of a new setting across multiple devices, allowing parents to set time limits on games and apps for their kids.

Games and apps can often be seen as a digital/streaming babysitter, and a larger uneducated world considers them evil with complaints across myriad platforms proclaiming “kids need to play and get off their screens”. Depending on how you parent, that statement does have some merits, but largely it’s misleading. Ultimately, we need to accept that we live in a digital age, and how digital and screen-time is managed has become the new parenting prerogative.

Thankfully (and equally for them), Microsoft has introduced a new setting across a number of platforms that allows parents to control the amount of access their kids have to apps and games. Here’s the official skinny:

With app and game limits, parents can choose to set a one-hour limit for their child to play games such as ARK: Survival Evolved, or their favourite social media app. The feature seamlessly works across devices, so once that time is spent on Xbox, the child won’t be able to get around the limit on their Windows 10 PC or Android phone via Microsoft Launcher. With app and game limits, children can still use their devices for other things, like homework, without the distraction of their favourite game or app.

The app and game limits feature is complimentary to the more than 20 existing family settings features that work on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices across four key categories:

  • Screen time management – Limit access to the Xbox One console or Windows 10 device on school days or provide more gaming time on the weekend
  • Purchase limits – Parents can approve the purchase of apps and games before they are made
  • Content filters – Filter or allow games, apps and websites based on the age of each child
  • Privacy – Parents can select what personal information others can see and who is permitted to engage with their children

Every Xbox One console and Windows 10 device comes equipped with family settings to ensure children have age-appropriate access and the right balance of technology in their lives.

At the end of the day, we can’t blame screens, apps or games for anything related to child behaviour and activity (or inactivity), it all comes down to the parents. But options like this are incredibly helpful and should be welcomed with open arms. Find out more by clicking here.

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