LawBreakers review


LawBreakers review

To have even the slightest chance of survival in this viciously competitive shooter world, your game needs to have that moment. That almost indefinable feeling that suddenly elevates it above all the mechanically sound, competent first-person shooters out there; the second where eyebrows raise, heads nod and expletives echo from open mouths.

In Overwatch, a game that has more than just a little bit in common with LawBreakers, my ‘moment’ came when my team and I held down a capture point for over five straight minutes, chaining and comboing Ults, maintaining constant frenzied communication, battling for our lives. In Titanfall it’s the first kill-to-wallrun-to-Titan embark. Easy. In Playunknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s probably the first time you actually manage to kill someone. There’s no guarantee of what these moments will be or how they’ll affect you, and they’ll rarely be the same for everyone. But the game needs to have one, and have it quickly, else it’ll go the way of Battleborn. Or Homefront. Or whispers MAG.

My first true LawBreakers ‘moment’ came from an unexpected source. I …

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