HOYTS Bringing Virtual Reality Experiences to Cinemas


HOYTS Bringing Virtual Reality Experiences to Cinemas

Like that brief time in the ’90s when VR games and experiences made appearances at arcades the world over, HOYTS is looking to do the same with modern virtual reality tech. Stating with HOYTS at Highpoint in Victoria, the in-foyer displays will offer movie-goers the chance to get “up close and personal with experiences from some of the season’s most exciting movies”.

Including Pacific Rim: Uprising, sounds like fun. And The Emoji Movie, not so good. Launching at the this month the VR experiences are also coming to Melbourne Central and Chadstone in Victoria, Carousel in WA and Blacktown in NSW. As the VR displays are yet to go live all we have is the following artists rendition of excited 3D models to get an idea of what they’ll look like.

Damian Keogh, CEO of the HOYTS Group said “We’re making the movies magical for a new generation of movie-goers. Virtual reality is the latest innovation in entertainment and by bringing virtual reality to HOYTS cinemas, we’re not only making this technology more widely available, we’re also enriching the movie experience for our guests. With our recent Gfinity partnership to create dedicated Esports arenas at HOYTS locations and now this, we really are pushing ourselves to create first class innovative cinema experiences for our guests.”

In terms of VR it’s probably best to view this as almost completely separate to PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. And another example of VR as spectacle and style over substance.

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