Friday the 13th review


Friday the 13th review

Imagine the worst trip to the cinema you can. A nightmare on film street, if you will. It’s a Saturday night on the first week of the biggest blockbuster of the year, and the screen is full to bursting, stiflingly warm, and with a nauseating odour of sweat and dung. It’s so crammed, in fact, that functionally the establishment has begun to break down. There’s no popcorn left, people are sat in the aisles, and the toilets are on fire.

It is, all told, a miserable experience. But the film itself is excellent. It’s imaginative, it’s loads of fun, and there’s a couple of great scares in there. It’s not quite a masterpiece, but it’s travelling along that road. You emerge from the screen both glad you saw it and frustrated you weren’t able to enjoy it more.

This is where I find myself with Friday the 13th: The Game. My experience with it has been terrible, plagued by server issues where bits of the game didn’t work properly and sometimes it stopped working entirely. But when it did work, it worked superbly, a thrilling game of cat and mouse where being the mouse is fraught with tension and being the cat is fucking awesome.

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