Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Review – a surprisingly cute horror show


Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Review – a surprisingly cute horror show

We will never know how my life could have gone had I never been introduced to mobile puzzle games. Over the persistent draw of just one more round, assignments were left unfinished, books unread and emails unanswered. I spent endless hours of procrastination determined to prove that I had the smarts it took to solve games that wanted me for my brain and not my reflexes. Even though I’ve since moved to YouTube as my favourite method of procrastination, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle makes it clear that deep down I haven’t changed.

In this isometric top-down puzzler, you take control of the one and only Jason Vorhees and kill your way through a variety of levels by sliding Jason across a grid until you literally bump into your victim. After getting to all targets, a final mark will appear. You end each level using a finisher move, a particularly grizzly and over the top kill in which limbs fly and blood flows freely. Kill enough people with this move by clicking/tapping at the right time and you fill a bloodlust gauge. Once it’s filled you gain new weapons – who knew you could slice through a person with an acoustic guitar?

As horrible as that sounds, surprisingly it isn’t. Killer Puzzle features super-deformed characters with big heads and tiny limbs, and while their screaming will definitely have your potential company raise an eyebrow, killing these tiny guys won’t cause sleepless nights. It feels weird to admit that it seems okay because the characters are cute and chubby, but everything is just that far over the top that it’s fun rather than gruesome. Should the splatter prove too much there is always a “PG-13” option in the settings which removes the blood and censors the finishers. If you really enjoy the finishers however, there’s the Murder Marathon, a mode with the sole purpose of ramping up your kill streak.

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