Fallout 76 Will Have Real-Time VATS, Private Servers and Modding


Fallout 76 Will Have Real-Time VATS, Private Servers and Modding

In an interview with friend of the site Geoff Keighley, as part of YouTube E3 coverage, Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard confirmed that Fallout 76 will have VATS – or the Vault-Tech Assisted Targeting System. But in an always online world, how it works will be a little different.

“It’s real-time,” Todd Howard notes. “It doesn’t slow time. But it lets you target and pick parts and all of that, but it’s in real-time. It still works great. It’s different, obviously, because it’s real-time, but the basics of it, which are, ‘I can’t really—I’m not that good of a twitch shooter’ … You can kind of picture how it works. Like, I’m not as good as lining up someone and getting a head shot, but I’ve made my character good at VATS, and now I can do that.”

Fallout going online was always going to raise a number of questions, especially when Bethesda are positioning this as an experience where you can still explore a vast world and find new stories and complete quests. But with the added caveat that all NPC human interactions will be with real people – and that robots, temrinals, and other unknown sources will fill in the gap.

Playable on dedicated servers at launch Todd Howard also added that this arrival of Fallout 76 will not mark the end of mod support. He notes that sometime after launch the studio plans to introduce ways for players and the community to create their own content in a similar fashion to what you can find in Fallout 4. How this will work is a mystery but our guess is some sort of private server system.

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