Dissidia Final Fantasy NT review – fan-service fighter is charming but chaotic


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT review – fan-service fighter is charming but chaotic

First things first: this really isn’t the Dissidia you might know from the series’ PSP days. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which sees Square Enix and Team Ninja teaming up for the return of the all-stars arena fighting series, boasts little of the verticality of the originals, and the RPG elements are toned down until they’re almost non-existent. It’s a three-on-three fighter now, rather than offering up the one-on-ones of the originals, and the results are fairly messy too. The story mode – and, indeed, much of the single-player content – has been pared back until it’s pretty much inconsequential. If you’re coming to this expecting a continuation of a series we last saw back in 2011, it’s sure to be something of a disappointment.

There are many other areas where Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comes up short. As a package, it’s more than a little slim. The story mode, as it is, has you earning Memoria elsewhere before you spend that currency to effectively unlock cutscenes – and, on occasion, you’re allowed to play the game too. The tutorial, as it is, is functional at best, giving you a dry laundry list of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s myriad systems and leaving you to figure out how to piece them together. Put up alongside Street Fighter 5’s recent arcade edition, or Dragon Ball FighterZ, it’s pretty miserable stuff.

Perhaps it’s best, then, to put aside any expectation of this being a fulsome follow-up to the original brace of Dissidia games, and instead consider it on its own terms. Indeed, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is built upon a quaint premise you don’t come across so much anymore: the arcade port, a concept that pretty much died along with the arcade as a popular destination to while away a Saturday afternoon. And, as you might expect from an arcade original that employed what amounted to a PlayStation controller split in two on its cabinet, and from a game that was always designed with the PlayStation 4 in mind, it fits comfortably enough in its new home.

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