Civilization VI Just Got a Post-Apocalyptic Battle Royale Mode on PC


Civilization VI Just Got a Post-Apocalyptic Battle Royale Mode on PC

Called Civilization VI: Red Death it presents a Civilization unlike any other, where players and post-apocalyptic factions like the Free Willed Wastelanders, Meanest Jocks, and Insane Doomsday Preppers battle it out to make it to the last ship leaving Earth. A surprise September update to the game that’s available now for all PC players.

Here’s a look via a so-called “not-at-all humorous video”.

And here’s how it works as per the latest Patch Notes.

Red Death Multiplayer Scenario

  • If you still have a Civilian unit, then you are still in the game. Once your last Civilian is killed, you will have been eliminated. Be the last remaining player with a Civilian to win.
  • The Red Death is the radioactive mass that is consuming the planet. A Safe Zone ring will appear on the map. Periodically this ring will shrink. Keep your units inside the ring to avoid the Red Death.
  • On the top-left on the in-game screen is the Red Death tracker. The left portion tells the player how many turns until the ring shrinks, and the right-hand portion tells the player how much damage units will take if they end their turn inside the Red Death.
  • Red Death damage increases as the game progresses.
  • When the ring shrinks, the Red Death will advance each turn until it reaches the ring. This gives units caught outside of the ring some time to reach the safe zone.
  • Units cannot heal in the Red Death.
  • New units and supplies are obtained from clearing City Ruins or Raider Camps – including getting more nukes. Gameplay has been tuned to be fast paced so all units will heal when in safe zones with a typical match expected to last from anywhere between 15 minutes to 50 minutes.

    Each of the factions will also have their own unique bonuses with fun names, like the Doomsday Preppers “Always Prepare for The Worst” ability giving them +100% experience bonus. Even Mutants make an appearance – and as expected they take less radiation or Red Death damage.

    Civilization VI: Red Death sounds, well, weird at first but also very cool. Be sure to let us know if you plan on jumping in.

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