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Jon Shafer’s At the Gates review – a 4X experiment more fascinating than fun

One of the first tutorial pop-ups you’ll get in At the Gates – and there aren’t many – warns you that this is a “hard, slow game”. It’s not the warmest of welcomes but that’s not what At the Gates […]


Resident Evil 2 review – a masterly reimagining of a modern classic

You know you’re playing a good Resident Evil game when you need to keep a pen and a piece of scrap paper close at hand. Sitting on the first open page of my notepad, in a frantic scrawl, are rudimentary […]


Pikuniku review – a brilliantly breezy, genuinely funny puzzle platformer

Kid’s TV shows, you’ve no doubt discussed with friends while waiting for someone to come back from the all-night garage with a packet of french fancies and a fresh packet of skins, can be kind of sinister. Not just your […]


Vane review – more than the Journey/Ico mash-up it looks like

To see a landscape from above is to transform it, to understand it differently, to form new concepts of action within it. A plane’s window brings a world into view and renders it alien, a swollen floor of cloud-tufted strangeness. […]


Ace Combat 7 review – a stellar return for the skybound series

Assuming the role of virtual pilot while engaging legions of foes in the art of aerial combat is a concept synonymous with the origins of video games. Many popular titles of the 70s, 80s and 90s center on this simple […]


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes review – a banal bore of a game

You know Suda51, of course. The self-styled punk developer of Tokyo’s Grasshopper Manufacture, Goichi Suda’s been the driving force behind offbeat classics such as Flower, Sun and Rain, Killer7 and No More Heroes. You might not know, though, that 2007’s […]


Onimusha Warlords review – An aging Samurai classic returns

I’m only going to say this once, just to experience what typing these words feels like: People who were born when I played Onimusha Warlords for the first time are now old enough to drive. Or have they already been […]


Razer Phone 2 review: as smooth as silk

Last year, Razer entered the smartphone market with its highly distinctive, gaming and media-focused Razer Phone, combining what was then the fastest Android-optimised processor on the market with a variable refresh rate screen, powerful front-facing speakers and a ginormous 8GB […]


Bury Me, My Love review – strength, spirit, and life as a Syrian refugee

When we are invited to punch reporter Khalisah al-Jilani in Mass Effect, BioWare’s messaging is not subtle as a crimson renegade symbol flashes at the bottom of the screen. While undoubtedly a choice – and one entirely at our own […]


Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060: Ray tracing comes to the mainstream

We knew this one was coming, but the form it would take has been a hot topic in hardware circles. Some rumours suggested that Nvidia’s successor to the massively successful GTX 1060 wouldn’t have ray tracing features at all, while […]