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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun review

There’s not much more satisfying than seeing a good team come together, something …


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice review

Doubt and uncertainty are, I think, very difficult things to accurately portray in video games. We’re used to the idea that an encounter, a mission or a shot may not go our way but, in a medium that by design […]


AMD Ryzen 5 1600/1600X vs Core i5 7600K review

Since the release of the Core i5 2500K in January 2011, Intel’s mainstream quad-core processor line has been the default choice for those looking to put together a capable gaming PC. The i5 is always fast out of the box […]


The Shrouded Isle review

I can’t decide whether to murder Yaromir Efferson. On the surface he’s a model zealot, never sparing the lash in pursuit of sin, but I look at how repulsively literate our village has become under his eye, and I worry […]


Tacoma review

Tacoma doesn’t require your input, only your patience. Set a few thousand miles above the Moon’s surface in the late 21st century, it casts you as Amy Ferrier, a network technician contracted to recover an advanced AI, ODIN, from an […]


Samsung Galaxy S8 review

In terms of PR nightmares, releasing a phone that could potentially explode ranks pretty highly. The fallout from the high-publicised recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has done a fair amount of damage to the reputation of the South […]


Hey! Pikmin review

On the surface, Pikmin is one of Nintendo’s most adorable creations. A tiny spaceman called Captain Olimar marshals an army of even tinier plant sprites which swarm and scurry around an environment that looks, to him, like an exotic alien […]


Vostok Inc review

Clicker games – those games about clicking away for hours on end while the stats go up and up and up – are probably the weirdest, the most uncanny of all video game species. On a fundamental level, they’re absolutely […]


Pyre review

Supergiant Games’ Pyre is, like all of their prior games, just sumptuous. But while I loved Bastion and Transistor, thought the art was beautiful and six types of jaw-dropping, Pyre – Pyre is something else. Pyre, with its surreal designs […]


Intel Skylake-X: Intel’s new six, eight and ten-core CPUs reviewed

Intel’s new Skylake-X line-up demonstrates just how good competition is for the PC hardware market. In the wake of Ryzen 7’s exceptional value, Intel has been forced to react. The impact of AMD’s return to the market is ongoing but […]