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Detroit: Become Human review – clumsy yet effective robot-rights thriller

The main menu screen for Detroit: Become Human – Quantic Dream’s new game about androids discovering free will and rising up against their human masters – features the face, stunningly well realised, of an android who talks directly to the […]


FAR: Lone Sails review – outsailing the apocalypse

A sublime little side-scroller in the PlayDead tradition of child protagonists and looming industrial backdrops, … Read more here:: Game Reviews


State of Decay 2 review – a soggy open-world loot-’em-up with catastrophic bugs

There are times when State of Decay 2 is so buggy that it stops being a stodgy post-apocalyptic looting game and transforms into metatextual horror theatre. At one point during a fight outside a barn, a juggernaut zombie hits me […]


Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire review – a golden doubloon of an RPG

No sooner have I found a way to convince the chief snake person of my unique soul-seeing powers as a Watcher than I am touching the mountainous glowing crystal he was guarding and talking with a god, the one everyone […]


Conan Exiles review – a handsomely sculpted survival game

The survival game bandwagon is looking more and more like a plague cart these days, with the stillborn corpses of quickly forgotten Early Access titles tumbling to the muddy wayside with every jolt along the genre’s increasingly rutted pathway. But […]


Intel Hades Canyon NUC8i7HVK review: how powerful is the i7/Radeon Vega combo?

After decades of fierce rivalry and bitter lawsuits, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would be a cold day in hell before Intel and AMD would team-up to produce a brand new kind of product, but here we are with […]


Laser League review – an instant modern-day multiplayer classic

Forget the name, first off – it’s the only foot developer roll7 really puts wrong in this, the latest from the team behind OlliOlli, and perhaps the studio’s most ambitious project to date. Laser League invites awkward comparisons to Rocket […]


Forgotton Anne review – masterful storytelling in a fantastical world

I wish I could just tell you that Forgotton Anne is brilliant and wrap things up there. I want to leave you to go enjoy it without saying anything else, because that’s the way this story should be encountered. It’s […]


Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia review – Creative Assembly returns to historical warfare with mixed results

The year is 878AD and the Vikings have already invaded. A brief truce has now settled across the British Isles, but there’s too much bad blood here for the Norsemen to coexist with those they’ve so recently conquered. This isn’t […]


Trailblazers review – sloppy Splatoon-inspired racer

Someone who should know about these things once told me one of the secrets behind Nintendo’s success when it comes to the brilliance of its games; every idea is interrogated by each team member to the point of exhaustion, until […]