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Hunt: Showdown review – a sweaty, stinking, cat-and-mouse masterpiece

A rough beast indeed, Hunt: Showdown, slouching toward the daylight after a couple of years in Early Access. A peculiar chimera of genres – survival horror, battle royale, boss rush shooter, insect, demon, human being. It resembles Far Cry 2 […]


Dragon Quest: Your Story review – faithful to the charms of the grand dame of RPGs

Maybe it’s something to do with being wary about the optics of a man in his late thirties sitting on his own amidst a screenful of screaming six-year-olds, but this past weekend I couldn’t quite bring myself to see my […]


The Suicide of Rachel Foster review – a Shining-esque riff on Gone Home that doesn’t quite dazzle

It doesn’t take much to make a big, old, empty house feel creepy. Indeed, the more actual, overt threat you add to such a setting, the less fear it inspires – better to let your visitor wander undisturbed, drinking in […]


DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment review: small but perfectly formed

Microsoft’s Elite Series 2 controller has been divisive. To its fans, the Elite is responsive, powerful and premium, the Read more here:: Game Reviews


Snack World – The Dungeon Crawl review: sugary sweet flashback to the 3DS’ heyday

When the 3DS died – and despite an impressive few years clinging on, I think it’s now safe to say the beautifully eccentric handheld’s time is finally up – alongside it died a certain type of game. Not exactly double-A […]


Sonic the Hedgehog movie review – a charmless cut-and-paste job

The funny thing about video game movies is that the unlicensed ones seem to understand their source material better than the official tie-ins do. Look at 1982’s Tron, or 2012’s Wreck-it Ralph (with all due props to Disney, which produced […]


Kunai review – not the greatest Metroidvania, but a good reminder of what makes Metroidvanias great

Don’t judge this on its premise alone. Kunai, which has just come out on PC and console, is a cutesy Metroidvania with a knowingly primitive palette and pixel art style. You’d be forgiven for falling asleep halfway through that sentence […]


Wide Ocean Big Jacket is a brief but moving game about getting away from it all

It’s a bit strange playing a game about the charms of going camping. On the one hand you’re being shown how lovely it is out in nature, and how, without all those distractions, you can have better chats with people. […]


Over the Alps review – a joyous wartime romp across the mountains

Some games have you from the start screen. So it is with Over the Alps, a narrative adventure from a team that’s had experience at both Inkle and Failbetter, so knows quite a bit about this narrative adventure stuff by […]


The Pedestrian – a short, summery 2D platformer that turns signs into playgrounds

When we move around cities we are navigating several varieties of space simultaneously: on the one hand, the tangible contours of buildings and roads, and on the other, the abstract routes, dynamics and barriers imposed by the city’s maps and […]