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For the King review – a roguelike RPG that is as brutal as it is beautiful

Bold and bright, stuffed with charm and whimsy, For the King is gorgeous. And its beguiling world is all a little misleading. Yes, the animations bring this oh-so-cute board game to life, and no, the game doesn’t take itself too […]


BattleTech review – long overdue turn-based spin on a strategy great

For a tabletop strategy as revered as BattleTech, it’s remarkable that it’s taken this long – close to 35 years, by crikey – for a dedicated turn-based video game to emerge. Okay, sure, Westwood’s early brace of proto-Dune strategy RPGs […]


South Park: The Fractured But Whole review

Editor’s note: Ubisoft’s South Park RPG hits the Switch today, so to mark the occasion we’re returning to our original review, first published in October last year. For nearly two decades, South Park’s creators have been working to a weekly […]


Rampage film review – even shallower than the arcade game

Last year, the New York Times ran a fascinating, faintly scary … Read more here:: Game Reviews


Yakuza 6 review – a new beginning and a fitting end for Sega’s great series

One of the many enduring myths in modern games is that Sega’s a spent force, its days producing brash and brazen blockbusters well and truly behind it. Which is bunk, of course – it’s just that for far too long […]


Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Review – a surprisingly cute horror show

We will never know how my life could have gone had I never been introduced to mobile puzzle games. Over the persistent draw of just one more round, assignments were left unfinished, books unread and emails unanswered. I spent endless […]


God of War review: astonishing technological craft in the service of simple pleasures

Remove the heart. Climb on the chest, feet slapping against sinew and skin. The ruined flesh beneath shudders but holds. The blade goes in. One for the incision. Two to part the ribs with a brisk crack. The heart is […]


Minit review – a bite-sized marvel

Just the idea of Minit is enough to make me squirm. It’s the time limit that does it; an ever-marching expiry date that’s impervious to pleads or procrastination, a silent but ever-present threat that’ll see you fall to the ground […]


Samsung Galaxy S9 review

While it may not have been the company which started the trend – some would argue that honour falls to Xiaomi with its stunning Mi Mix – Samsung is arguably the firm that popularised the concept of a ‘big screen’ […]


Rainbow Six: Siege re-review – an exceptional tactical multiplayer experience

Editor’s note: Back when Rainbow Six Siege first launched at the tail-end of 2015, we found it a slight and occasionally spectacular multiplayer game. In the time since, it’s flourished into something else, and with the start of season three […]