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Gris review – an evocative, ethereal experience you don’t want to miss

I’ve been staring at the cursor flashing on my screen for a while now, silently aggrieved by its cheerless, eyeless blink. I’m perilously close to my deadline, but I’m trapped in a mindless cycle of typing, hesitating, reading, grimacing, deleting, […]


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom review – a vital updating of a classic series

Back when I was eleven, Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap contained a lot of firsts for me. It was the first game I ever played on a console. It was, as far as I can remember, the first game […]


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review – a messy, magical festival of video games

Where, exactly, to start with a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Maybe it’s in one of the 74-strong roster of fighters, such as newcomer Isabelle, who has the same propensity for getting shit done here as she does in […]


Ashen review – a soulful journey through a sublime ruined world

Ashen is about exploring and cleansing a newly radiant world, but it’s often at its best in the dark. A few hours into this derivative but engrossing third-person RPG, there’s a quest that takes you deep below ground in search […]


Parkitect review – the finest theme park sim for years

A significant chunk of my formative years can be defined by the heave and splat of hundreds of tiny computer people retching violently onto the floor. Maybe not the most melodious sound, but for me it’s a noise tinged with […]


Just Cause 4 review – likeably scrappy open-world carnage

My favourite character in the new Just Cause is called Larry. That’s what I decided to calm him anyway. When I met him, Larry was – how can I say this? – recently dead. Furthemore, Larry was – how can […]


PlayStation Classic review: the games are great but the emulation is really poor

With its remarkable, varied game library, the original PlayStation stands as one of the best console platforms in gaming history. For Sony as a corporate entity, the PlayStation brand remains a key part of its lineup and one that has […]


Ride 3 review – a generous, if flawed, racer

Milestone’s a funny little developer, hovering indefinitely somewhere above or just below adequacy as it churns out game after game. Ride 3 is its fifth title this year (fifth!) and the latest instalment in a series that started as recently […]


Underworld: Ascendant review – a strangely essential development disaster

Underworld: Ascendant is positively paranoid that you’ll forget that it’s an immersive sim. A crowd-funded successor to Looking Glass Studios’ landmark RPG Ultima Underworld, created with the input of Looking Glass veterans, its dialogue is full of allusions to the […]


Darksiders 3 review – a pale imitation of itself

There’s something of the palate cleanser to the faithful hack and slash game. When elsewhere the worlds are getting bigger, the narratives more urgent and the collectables more numerous, games such as Darksiders generally have only one goal: hitting monsters […]