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Gang Beasts review

There’s a folder on my PlayStation 4 that’s reserved for the really good stuff. It’s where Towerfall Ascension sits alongside Nidhogg and the brilliant compilation that is Sportsfriends. It’s where I head when friends are around, when I want a […]


Purrfect Date review

In the Ehime Prefecture of Southern Japan, around 40 minutes from Nagahama Port, sits the remote, mile-long island of Aoshima. You may not have heard of Aoshima Island, but every year masses of tourists dock at its tiny harbour to […]


SpellForce 3 review

Describing a game as a mash-up of two other well-known titles is lazy, but you know what? It’s fun and sometimes useful, as in the case of SpellForce. ‘Baldur’s Gate meets Age of Mythology’ is the sell, and third time […]


Gorogoa review

At one point, the sun becomes a gear with tooth-like rays that might slot neatly into the crenellations of a nearby castle. A man walks to the right in the foreground, and the castle retreats to the left in the […]


Hello Neighbor review

As many a parent has wryly told their spouse above the caterwauling of their kid on a long haul flight: getting there is half the fun. So it goes with Hello Neighbor, a game about breaking into a stranger’s house […]


Shadowhand review

Grey Alien Games is the definition of an outsider game developer. A husband-and-wife team based in rural Dorset, Jake Birkett and Helen Carmichael work alone with support from tiny publishers and overseas contractors. Jake isn’t a refugee from AAA development, […]


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review

Rex is a boy whose virtues are so gleamingly obvious and uncomplicated that they threaten to render him friendless. He spends his days industriously, niggling at sea beds in a Victorian diving costume – all brass and glass curves – […]


Ode review

Ode is a musical exploration game, which is a bit like saying ET is a movie about missing your flight. Ode is music and exploration. Somehow, they are separate and yet entirely intertwined. You play as a chubby little sprite […]


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp review

I’m convinced much of Animal Crossing’s magic happens in my head. When I’m away from my town, I mean, and wondering what’s happening back in the game. If Portia is still angry at me for nudging her into that trap. […]


Apple iPhone X review

Say what you will about Apple’s overly expensive products, locked-down ecosystem and its habit of playing catch-up with key technological features, but the original iPhone was undeniably groundbreaking. Released a decade ago this year, it established a new paradigm for […]