• Dozzel gets BF Hardline....plays by himself
  • clan in shock....Apollo leaves spawn
  • We await the arrival of a decent game. We await.
  • B00G3r gets CS.....everyone plays GTA5
  • booger gets access to quick news! hi guys
  • MrDarkDevel still jobless
  • mOoshou on new server... again 😀

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mOoshou News

  • Discord Server (0) September 16, 2016

    Hi everyone just throwing this out there. I created a new discord server its the newest and greatest thing out atm that’s replacing TS and skype etc. I will still leave the TS server running regardless.
    I find this is great to use as its free, can join multiple servers, clear voices, text only channels and it can be used as a web page as well without the windows app.

    Give it a try.



  • Minor Update (2) January 4, 2015

    Adding news as the previous was getting old to look at.
    Forums have been updated to an improved program. No posts were lost in the process, and all old sign-in details will continue to work.

    mOoshou is currently inactive as a clan as we await a decent game to play. Most of the main members continue to be around and can be contacted through the forums if needed.








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